News & Event
Kissing Silhouette Booth by DENTISTE’ in Japan (Japanese Version)
In November 2014, we launched a 1 day event at Roppongi Hills, Japan to deliver our brand concept as “Lover’s Toothpaste”, through an special experience bringing lovers even closer together.
The 99th Thailand Dental Expo
In May 2015, we joined the 99th Thailand Dental Expo which held annually to present the latest innovations and products in Dentistry. Over 10,000 Dentists and Oral Health Practitioners nationwide participated this Expo.
Kissing Silhouette Booth by DENTISTE' in Thailand
In June 2015, we relaunched our Talk of the Town Event "Kissing Silhouette Booth by DENTISTE' " as a brand that supports loving couples by deepening their love through Kissing.